A brand + business building course for solo consultants and freelancers

Starts on May 17th and runs for 4 weeks

Are you ready to build
a truly unforgettable
brand + business?

Yes, I said brand + business in the same sentence. Because until you know EXACTLY who you are, your highest, most-valued work AND your sweet-spot clients and niche, your business will stall.

Sure you can get a few clients and buyers here and there—but a consistent flow of the right people thrilled to pay what you know your work deserves?

Not gonna happen by accident.

You need to become—and market yourself as—not just any consultant, but an irresistible, exceptionally unforgettable one.

Because then, YOU get to choose.

You choose the work you do, the clients you serve, the people you invite into your orbit. You even get to set prices that your less well known peers can only dream about.

You build the brand — and the business — your work deserves.

Ready to stop being the world’s best kept secret?

Enter ConsultantBrand, a four week intensive brand + business building course designed for solo consultants and freelancers.

During our four weeks together, you’ll learn how to:

  • Position your unique experiences, talents and passions in the marketplace.
  • Achieve clarity on your “brand of genius”—how (and on what) you work best in ways no one else can match.
  • Pinpoint your ideal clients and your niche in markets that will pay you a premium for your expertise.
  • Articulate your big idea and your brand “sound bites” to begin or accelerate building your tribe.
  • Tell “the story of you” so that it dovetails with your brand of genius and your sweet-spot clients.
  • Create a step-by-step action plan to successfully launch your Consultant Brand.

Is the ConsultantBrand
course right for you?

There are three kinds of consultants and freelancers who will benefit from this course:

Action-oriented beginners.

You’re new to consulting—maybe you’ve recently left a big firm or are secretly plotting your escape from cubicle-land. You’re committed to building a viable, revenue-generating business and want the tools to get started right now.

Experienced consultants new(ish) to running their own practice.

You’ve been in business long enough to know that you can’t get where you want to go alone. You’re looking for faster ways to identify and connect with sweet-spot clients and build consistent revenue strategically.

Successful off-line soloists who want to crack the on-line code.

You’re running a successful off-line solo practice, but haven’t built the right bridge to replicate—or upsize—your success on-line. You’re looking to take a strategic leap to the next level of your vision.

Meet Rochelle

Rochelle Moulton

Hi, I’m Rochelle Moulton. Think brand strategist, marketing maven and creative midwife. Nothing jazzes me quite like helping consultants and big thinkers birth and nourish their ideas.

My client mantra?

Be unforgettable…

I’m a serial entrepreneur (and occasional intrapreneur) who has built, led (and sometimes sold) more than a few 6, 7 and 8-figure consulting businesses. I’ve consulted to dozens of consulting firm leaders and even more soloists building deeply successful brands and businesses. Which means there’s a pretty good chance I’ve encountered the challenge(s) vexing you right now.

Brand + business is how I think, speak and operate. What good is investing in an unforgettable brand if you can’t create a viable, strategic business out of it?

I write weekly about exactly that at RochelleMoulton.com. I’ve been named to “The Circle of Power—The Top Ten CMO Influencers” in the #4 slot. And I’ve gotten my clients and their ideas featured everywhere from The New York Times to The Atlantic to PBS to The Today Show to CNN to Cosmopolitan (yes, Cosmo. Really).

I created Consultant Brand to show you how to master your message and your audience to build your own powerhouse brand+ business (cue the angels singing).

How does ConsultantBrand

Every week for four weeks I’ll release a new module—online in my private ConsultantBrand member-only site.

Each module has 6 to 13 video lessons (including transcripts); BrandSheets (my fancy word for worksheets) so you can apply the lesson to your situation; other helpful resources such as video workshops, sample LookBooks (visual examples of high-impact Consultant Brands); and more.

I’ll host a live call (recorded for playback) every week where I’ll take your questions. If you can’t attend live, simply send me your questions in advance and I’ll answer them on the call.

AND, you’re invited to join the private Facebook group I’ve established for students of this program only. You can pick up a few pearls there from me, but your fellow students will likely also drop a few gems.

Finally, the hot fudge and nuts for your branding sundae: you can upgrade to include some personal 1-1 consulting time with me or even have me review and make recommendations on your website + social media platforms. I’m discounting my usual rates by half—yes 50%—for ConsultantBrand students.

Details please!

Option 1—ConsultantBrand: The Course

What it includes:

  • Four modules of content (see below), delivered via video on my private, members-only site
  • Downloadable BrandSheets, LookBooks, a LaunchBook and a variety of tools and resources—34 in all
  • A weekly live call (recorded for playback) where I’ll take both live and pre-requested questions
  • A private Facebook group where you can interact with me and your fellow students

Module 1: What Lights You Up?

The opening module is all about you—the heart and soul of your brand. We’ll talk about your values, purpose, vision and what makes you truly irresistible. You’ll spend time mining your key experiences and stories to help tell the story of you.

Module 2: Discover Your Brand Of Genius

We’ll do a deep dive into your belief system as a consultant. You’ll build out your manifesto and your point of view while getting clarity on the benefits of working with you from your clients’ viewpoint. We’ll talk the five brands of authority, pricing and staking out your genius zone.

Module 3: Pinpoint Your Ideal Clients And Niche

You’ll pinpoint your sweet-spot: the clients—and the niche—that will best integrate who you are with how you prefer to work with a robust marketplace for your business. I’ll teach you how to choose the best tribe for your vision, build relevant client avatars and map your experience to the right niche for you.

Module 4: Becoming Unforgettable

I’ll show you how to isolate (and phrase) your Big Idea and create the “sound bites” that will serve as a clarion call to your sweet-spot clients and buyers. And I’ll teach you how to write your origin story so that it ties to your Consultant Brand. Then you’ll pull it all together into a personalized LaunchBook which will serve as your action plan to implement your new messaging and Brand.

Option 2—ConsultantBrand + Consulting

What it includes:

  • Everything from Option 1 AND
  • A 90-minute private consulting call with me (recording optional) anytime during the course or up to 30 days afterward.
  • Note: I’ve discounted my usual hourly rate by half for students of this program.

Option 3—ConsultantBrand + Consulting + Website/Social Feedback

What it includes:

  • Everything from Option 1 AND
  • A 90-minute private consulting call with me (recording optional) anytime during the course or up to 30 days afterward AND
  • A detailed review of your LaunchBook (and any other BrandSheets you’d care to share) plus a recorded assessment with recommended changes to your website and social media platforms (up to 5 sites)